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Members please note.
There have been a number of members who experienced problems using the BRS App on their phones.
The App stops working and does not launch at all.
Delete the App from the phone and re-install it from the App Store on iPhone or the equivalent on an Android phone.
Did will solve the problem.
Strandhill Golf Club

Trials for All Ireland Fourball will take place on Friday June 11th at 6.30pm
Eligibility: Men over 30 years of age and H'cap of 14.5 or greater on Jan 1st.
Please register your interest before Monday 7th June @ 0860764814.
Conor McManus
Team Captain

Divot bag initiative
Dear Member
We would like to thank all those members that have participated in the “Keep your own divot bag” initiative. It has proven to be a huge success and will improve the overall playing surfaces for all. We would also like to encourage all members to avail of a divot bag from the golf shop and even those that carry their golf bags to bring a small bag of divot mix with them.
Thank you
Links Committee

Low men go low.
Fridays mixed competition brought out some heavy hitters and the winning score was a joy to behold. Tristan Probst playing off 2 had a great score of -3 which included 5 birdies. He must have got a bit tired over the last three holes where he bogied 16 and 18. His partner in crime who is still in form Ciaran Henry only managed level par. And in the middle of the sandwich was young Patrick Tuffy once again. Well done all.
Saturdays glorious day brought big numbers onto the course. An opening eagle gave winner Philip Moriarty the perfect start to his day and he birdied the other par 5 5th for a great 39pts to take the competition from Aidan McGowan who unfortunately blanked the same 5th. Third spot went to Mickey McTiernan who could have won only for a blank at the last. Next time Mickey...
On Sunday, the course was basking in sunshine once again and the variety of shorts on display was spectacular! Philip Little came out on top with a very tidy card which was bereft of mistakes, the highlight being a nice little birdie on the 2nd to set him up for the day. Runner up spot went to Anthony Skeffington who played in the more difficult part of the late afternoon as the wind got up. Third place went to Colin Foran who birdied the 5th and 8th for a round of 37pts.
Friday Mixed Stableford
1st Tristan Probst (2) 42 pts
2nd Patrick Tuffy (13) 39 pts
3rd Ciaran Henry (1) 37pts
Sat Mens Stableford
1st Philip Moriarty (7) 39pts
2nd Aidan McGowan (13) 38pts
3rd Mickey McTiernan (14) 38pts
Sun Men’s Stableford
1st Philip Little (25) 40pts
2nd Anthony Skeffington (11) 39pts
3rd Colin Foran (9) 37pts
Men in form. Philip Moriarty and Ciaran Henry

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Philip Moriarty

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Ciaran Henry

In form Ciaran Henry got this weekends golf off to a fine start with yet another great score on Friday. With five birdies on his card he comfortably beat the rest of the field by a large margin. Scratch beckons for him this summer for sure. Keep it up young man. Runner up was another young man in good form, Patrick Tuffy. This lad has a stellar career ahead of him. Well done Patrick.
Saturdays competition was won by Conor McManus who once again came in with a great score of 40pts just edging out Andy Leggett on a break of tie. For a second win in as many weeks, Conor came home in an impressive one over par on the back nine which made the difference.
In the showers on Sunday John Reade was the victor with a fantastic 42 pts, the highlight being an eagle three on the 5th hole. John White was runner up with Pat Corcoran taking third place.
Once again our thanks go to Jason and his team for the condition of the course considering it’s been so wet and the small matter of the crows lifting turf looking for worms. Hopefully a bit of dry weather soon will help. We live in hope.
Fri Members Mixed
1st Ciaran Henry (1) 36pts
2nd Patrick Tuffy (13) 27pts
3rd Mark Borthwick (19) 27pts
Sat Members Stableford
1st Conor McManus (10) 40pts
2nd Andy Leggett (21) 40pts
3rd Martin Nicholson (17) 39pts
Sun Members Stableford
1st John Reade (18) 42pts
2nd John White(26) 39pts
3rd Pat Corcoran (16) 38pts.

Jimmy Bruen trials take place on Sunday afternoon at 5.30pm. Anyone with a handicap between 4 and 14 is welcome to try out. Best of luck everyone.

Competitions return to Strandhill.
At long last, competitive golf returned at the weekend and large numbers took to the fairways in a real mixed bag of weather.
Fridays mixed competition was won by Patrick Tuffy with 39pts.
The big scores were on Sat where Conor McManus turned in two under and hung in for 43pts well clear of runner up Ciaran Henry with 39pts.
Sunday’s competition was played in tougher conditions with Donal Connellan coming out on top with 39pts, a single point ahead of Ray O’Keefe and in form Ciarian Henry.
Fri Members Mixed
1st Patrick Tuffy (14) 39pts
2nd Mark Borthwick (18) 39pts
3rd Emmet Doherty (12)36pts
Sat Members Stableford
1st Conor McManus (10)43pts
2nd Ciaran Henry (3) 39pts
3rd J.P. Wright (9) 38pts.
Sun Members Stableford
1st Donal Connellan (15) 39pts
2nd Ray O’Keefe (�Ž 38pts
3rd Ciaran Henry (1) 38pts

Just a reminder that we are returning to 18 Holes from Monday May 10th.
Other changes are
Fourballs are permitted with no household restrictions
No limits on domestic travel
Members guests will be permitted please contact the shop to put your guests name on the timesheet for contact tracing.
All other protocols will remain in place including set tee-time intervals whilst the principal of Arrive-Play- Depart without delay should continue to be implemented
The shop will be open from Monday for members queries from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm .
The locker rooms will also be open during shop hours from Monday.
Stay safe and enjoy your golf.




Golf Ireland App to launch next week

The Golf Ireland App, which provides for pre-registration and return of general play scores, will be launched next week. The App can be used at players' Home or Away Clubs. In order to prepare for this launch, here are some things to note for when golfers begin to use the App.
  • A course must be in Acceptable Score condition and playing to its full length.
  • If a player does not use the Golf Ireland App and the computer terminal is not available, a book or other acceptable means (general play pre-registration formmust be provided to allow a player record their intention to submit a General Play Score
  • If a player has registered their intention to return a general play score on-line but not submitted their score, they must return a properly completed scorecard to their Home Club with the CDH number of the marker if not a Home Club member. 
  • If a player has registered their intention to return a general play score play off-line they must return the properly completed scorecard to their Home Club with CDH number of marker if not a Home Club member, together with evidence of off-line pre-registration if round played at an Away Club.
  • If certain tees are not in play e.g. due to maintenance, a notice should be posted near the computer terminal and/or at the first tee. 

Clubhouse User Guide

The Golf Ireland Clubhouse is the new platform which Affiliate Clubs can use to view and adjust member handicaps, order member cards and add open fixtures to the Golf Ireland website. 

A Clubhouse User Guide has been developed to support Handicap Committees to use this platform.

Mixed Tee Calculator

The Mixed Tee calculator has been amended for the Stableford Mixed Tee Adjustment and this has been uploaded to the website – the latest version is now 1.9.  

Please delete any previous downloaded versions and replace with the latest version.


CONGU Handicapping Advice 

The CONGU Guidance on the Rules of Handicapping document has also been updated and uploaded to the CONGU website. It includes the change to the Stableford Adjustment calculation for multi-tees and the move to an integer Playing Handicap for team medals (Greensomes, Foursomes, Scrambles). 
Please delete any previous downloaded versions and replace with the latest version.
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These are the latest guidlines for getting back to playing golf.

Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
Return to Golf Protocol
Following engagement with the relevant Government departments and agencies, Golf Ireland can confirm the following measures apply to the initial phase of the reopening of Clubs in the Republic of Ireland from 26th April 2021.
• Golf Clubs can reopen from Monday 26th April for members only; Golfers must only travel from within their county or within 20km of their home to play golf. Further guidance for golfers and golf clubs is contained in the General Guidance document below.
• In the initial phase, the Irish Government have decided that participants in sport and exercise activity must be from no more than two households. Therefore, groups playing on golf courses during this initial phase must be confined to a maximum of two households. This means that all tee times must be either two balls, or alternatively three-balls and four-balls where players in the group are from no more than two households.
• Daily timesheets are restricted as follows:
• Two-balls at eight-minute intervals or longer
• Three-balls from no more than two households at nine-minute intervals or longer
• Four-balls from no more than two households at 10-minute intervals or longer
• To give clubs as much scope to accommodate golfers within these requirements, golf clubs will not be required to confine themselves to one standardised starting interval each day (for example, should a club decide to organise most of its tee times in eight-minute intervals for two-balls, they may choose to include a block of 10-minute interval times for three-balls and four-balls where the golfers are from no more than two households).
• Tee times must be booked in advance online or over the telephone. Clubs must ensure that players’ names are recorded on timesheets and timesheets must be kept for a period of at least six weeks to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.
• Underage non-contact outdoor training in pods of 15 or fewer can restart. For full details of how this will apply to golf CLICK HERE
Continued >
Return to Golf Protocol
• Sport Ireland and the Expert Group on Sport have stipulated in their sectoral guidance regarding the sports that are resuming on 26th April that no formal competitions should be organised or promoted by clubs in the initial phase of reopening. Clubs are permitted to administer handicap-qualifying activities which may involve collection of entry/registration fees (which should be done online), a procedure for players registering to play a counting round, and collation of scores and handicap adjustments in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping. However, all such golf activities should be solely on the basis of “arrival-play-depart without delay". CLICK HERE for measures which can be taken for activities accepted for handicap purposes.
• No organised social gatherings, of any size, are permitted at golf facilities. All golf activities should be organised based on "arrival-play-depart without delay".
• Clubhouse access should be confined to use of toilet facilities and initial retrieval of golf equipment from lockers. If toilet facilities are open, clubs should adopt a one-in, on-out approach. Pro-shop access may need to be curtailed and can be used for check-in purposes only.
• All cafes and restaurants, including bars, should only offer takeaway or delivery (please consult for details).
This Protocol will be reviewed dependent on the public health situation and in line with the Irish Government’s Covid-19 Resilience and Recovery Pathway. Golf Ireland will continue to work with the relevant departments and agencies in the coming days and weeks on the resumption of further activities when the public health situation allows and will provide updates to clubs on these in as timely a manner as possible.
3 Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
The following guidance applies to all golf club activities in accordance with the Republic of Ireland’s Covid-19 Resilience and Recovery Pathway.
At a time when the trajectory of the disease is not where we want it to be, it is essential that all golf clubs operate within this guidance – and in doing so continue to show the high levels of safety consciousness that has been a feature since reopening.
It is essential that all club officials and members familiarise themselves with this guidance, and play their part in ensuring our sport remains open and accessible at this uncertain time.
4 Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
General Guidance
For Golf Clubs
Clubs must ensure that the following protocols are observed:
Player Behaviour
• Members and staff with colds or any symptoms of COVID-19 stay away from the golf course/ clubhouse.
• Physical distancing rules are observed by all members and their guests at all times in the car park, clubhouse and on the course. Signage should be erected to reinforce this message.
• Players are instructed not to touch the flag or flagstick.
• Members of the same household should play together, rather than split into mixed groups.
• Clubs will have to consider ways in which social distancing can be facilitated in practice facilities. If such facilities are open, golfers must warm up on their own.
Management Practices
• Personnel are on hand to monitor adherence with physical distancing rules and the rules for golfers set out in this document.
• Tee times are booked in advance online or over the telephone. Clubs must ensure that players names (including visitors and members’ guests) are recorded on timesheets and timesheets must be kept for a period of at least 6 weeks to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.
• If toilet facilities are open, clubs should adopt a one-in, one-out approach. When taking a decision to close toilet facilities, consideration should be given to those with medical conditions that may require access to facilities, both on and off-course. Toilets in the clubhouse and course, if open, must be regularly cleaned.
Continued >
During the pandemic, certain levels of public health restrictions affect not only the ability to play golf but how it is played. While these restrictions apply, it is essential that golfers adhere to them. It is also important that golf clubs play their part in helping to ensure golfers follow these rules.
It is also important that golfers in counties on either side of the Northern Ireland border adhere to the restrictions that apply in both jurisdictions. For instance, if you live in the Republic of Ireland and are subject to a domestic travel restriction, travelling to Northern Ireland to play golf is not permitted, unless it is to your local “Home Club” for handicapping purposes.
The same is the case if you live in Northern Ireland and are currently subject to any lockdown restrictions or limitations on travel. If any golfer cannot play at the club, where they are a member, this does not mean that they are precluded from playing golf, as visitors will be generally allowed at a local club.
5 Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
• Hand sanitisers should be made widely available throughout the facilities, and located near any communal touchpoints.
• Tee Time Intervals: It remains imperative for all clubs to observe the minimum tee times intervals (10 minutes for four-balls, 9 minutes for three-balls and 8 minutes for two-balls). As golf courses generally remain incredibly busy at weekends, any erosion of these intervals creates the conditions for larger groups of people congregating before rounds – in contravention of current public health advice.
Golf Course Measures:
• Rakes must be removed from the course. Players are requested to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club. Clubs may introduce a local rule providing placing in bunkers within six inches not nearer the hole.
• Holes/cups should be altered to facilitate easy retrieval of golf balls.
• CLICK HERE for measures which can be taken for activities accepted for handicap purposes.
• Where possible ball washers, sand bags, benches, divot boxes and non-essential furniture should be taken in off the course. Where such fixtures are permanent, they should be taken out of use. This measure will help ensure the safety and wellbeing of course workers even as the virus is in suppression.
• Bins: Some Clubs that withdrew bins from circulation at the outset of the pandemic have asked for guidance on returning them to use. Clubs that wish to restore bins on the course should ensure they are contactless to operate, are emptied frequently and the area sanitized regularly.”
• Divot Bags: A number of Clubs that withdrew divot bags from circulation at the outset of the pandemic have asked for guidance on ongoing course maintenance. Clubs that wish to promote divoting among their members in this way may wish to consider allocating personal bags and trowels to members so that they can collect divot mix for the repair of any divots during their round. Where such a scheme is operated bags and trowels must not be shared.
• Hire trolleys (electric and pull trolleys) must be sanitised prior to each use.
• Caddying on a casual/friendly basis continues to be discouraged unless by a member of the player’s own household or if a member requires a caddy/guide due to having a disability or an additional need(s). Where golf clubs normally offer caddying services to members or visitors, the resumption or commencement of these services must be in accordance with the Workplace Safety
Continued >
6 Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
Guidelines. It is recommended that before performing their duties, a player’s equipment and clubs should be cleaned with disinfectant spray or wipes. In performing their duties, caddies should regularly sanitise their hands, keep a two-metre physical distance from their player wherever possible (including in advising the player generally on the course and also on the line of putts). After the round, the player’s equipment should again be cleaned with disinfecting spray/wipes. Payment for caddying services should be contactless wherever possible.
• The use of golf buggies is discouraged. Where a golf buggy must be used, it should be used by one person only and cannot be exchanged between people during the round, however members of the same household may share a buggy. Buggies must be sanitized thoroughly after each use.
• In a circumstance where a player, because of the nature of a disability, requires another individual to drive a golf buggy for them, the player and driver should wear face coverings when seated in the buggy. Every effort must be made to avoid handling of communal surfaces and regular hand-washing must be observed by both individuals.
• If necessary, defibrillators should be moved to an accessible area and members should be notified of their new location.
• Use of Computer Terminals: Clubs should take action to try to avoid any communal touch- points - this includes not using the terminal and trying to find alternative ways for players to submit scores, such as by mobile phone, etc.
Where a Club feels they have no choice but to use the terminal they must operate a one-in, one-out approach the purpose of signing in or entering scores. Ways of managing this might include having the area attended, instituting queuing systems and ensuring that surfaces are regularly cleaned. Relying on players to sanitise their hands after use – while an important measure in its own right – is not sufficient on its own to ensure infection control in this setting.
• Clubs should require the use of face coverings in any settings where two-metre physical distancing is not always possible.
7 Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
General Guidance
For Golfers
To ensure that the game is played safely, golfers must observe the rules below.
There is a danger of complacency setting in regarding social/physical distancing which every golfer has a responsibility to address. Golfers should keep in mind that it is entirely possible to play a round of golf with others in a friendly and sociable manner without coming into close physical contact. Unnecessary physical contact negates this and should be avoided, including:
• Avoid shaking hands, hugs, putting your arm around someone else, etc.
• Avoid huddles in groups before, during or after rounds.
In addition to this point, the following must be observed:
In advance of play:
• If you are ill or have symptoms, stay at home.
• Schedule your tee-time in the manner prescribed by the club you are playing at. Under no circumstances should you arrive at the club without booking in advance.
• Ensure that your group size is no greater than that allowed by your club.
• Ensure that you have sufficient numbers of golf balls, markers, tees to avoid having to exchange equipment with others.
• Wash your hands and your golf equipment before you leave home.
• Aim to arrive at the Practice Area, if open at your club, no more than 15 minutes prior to play.
• It is recommended that, wherever possible, you travel to and from the golf course on your own or with members of your own household only.
Continued >
8 Golf and Living with COVID-19 in the Republic of Ireland
• Park your car in such a way as to facilitate physical distancing.
• Observe physical distancing rules at all times following your arrival at the club. • If necessary, retrieve your clubs, shoes and other equipment from your locker. • Change your shoes in the car park.
• Warm-up alone. Observe physical distancing rules on practice range and on the practice putting green. If your club has taken the decision to close practice facilities, this must be strictly adhered to.
On the course:
• Do not arrive at the first tee more than 5 minutes before your allotted tee time. • Observe physical distancing at all times on the course.
• Following play of a hole, do not enter the next teeing ground until all members of the group in front have played their tee-shots and exited the teeing ground.
• The use of golf buggies is discouraged. Where a golf buggy must be used, it should be used by one person only and cannot be exchanged between people during the round, however members of the same household may share a buggy. Buggies must be sanitized thoroughly after each use.
• Do not exchange or share equipment, food or drink with other players during your round. • Do not pick up another player’s equipment or golf ball.
• Do not use on-course water fountains, ball cleaners etc.
• Do not use rakes in bunkers.
• Do not touch the flag or flagstick. Putt with the flagstick in and remove your own ball from the hole.
In addition, the following guidelines should be observed:
• Use the toilet facilities before you leave home.
• Bring your own hand sanitiser to the course & use regularly during the round.
Golfers with Disabilities/Additional Needs
• Golfers with disabilities or additional needs should be able to continue to play once they adhere to all necessary risk minimisation measures.
• If there are concerns regarding an individual’s susceptibility to COVID-19 due to an underlying illness, the individual/parent/carer should discuss this with their medical practitioner.
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Course staff are continuously preparing the course for return of golf . Today the greens have been overseeded and sanded. This is part of the on going maintenance program to ensure Strandhill GC have sustainable and top performing greens all year round. Overseeding is with pure fescue seed.

May be an image of grass

Seed drops into holes that are created by the overseeded machine. This creates seed pots for the seed.

May be a closeup of nature

Sand is then added to fill and smooth holes

May be an image of grass

Sand dragged in by drag mat to help smooth and fill holes

May be an image of nature and grass

We have been having problems with the phones in the golf club recently. As a result we now have a temporary number if you need to contact us. All enquires to
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Return to Golf Protocol for the Republic of Ireland

As you know, the Government has confirmed that golf will be one of the first sports to return to full participation during the ongoing Covid Level 5 restrictions on Monday 26 April. From that date, all golf clubs can reopen for play within the limitations set by the Government. Coaching activities for underage players can also resume from that date.

This decision is a testament to the great work done by clubs to keep golf safe during 2020. That strong track record has been crucial in our making the case for golf to resume before most other sports and sectors of the economy and society. While we would have obviously preferred an earlier date for our resumption of activity, we welcome the fact that we now have clear date for which to plan.

Given the continuing seriousness of the public health situation, the Government has put some limitations on the initial phase. These are reflected in the Return to Golf Protocol which has been finalised in consultation with Sport Ireland and the Expert Group on Sport. The main purpose of this protocol is to keep golfers and the wider community safe and we urge you to continue to comply with its measures when golf resumes.

A specific issue that has been raised by a number of clubs is the potential impact of continuing travel restrictions and we have raised this directly with government on a number of occasions. I am pleased to confirm that golfers will be allowed to travel within their county, or 20kms from their homes to play. As a result, when golf resumes later this month, the vast majority of members will be able to travel to their home clubs for play.

As you all will have heard in recent days, the public health experts are warning of the danger of a serious deterioration on the Covid-19 situation in the coming weeks. That could put our progress in jeopardy, therefore, as we prepare for the long-awaited reopening of golf, we must make every effort to follow the public health measures and keep our communities safe.

Wishing you and your families a very happy and safe Easter break.


Captain Declan McCabe recently spoke to Liam Maloney of the Sligo Weekender. They discussed the effect COVID 19 has had on Strandhill golf club.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'SligoWeekender Thursday, March15 2021 GOLF: Feature Tough times for golf clubs but they have been resilient and hopeful Covid-19 restrictions have hit sport hard, especially golf. Strandhill Golf Club, one of the country's leading clubs, are fine example club that has had to stay strong and look forward when normality returns singstr S "Hopefully there'll stage when can go back enjoying golf and us heading the course like we used'

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More great news with Irish Golfer magazine now ranking Strandhill 36th in the top 100 courses in the country.
See full article..

The green on the 4th hole 'Fred Daly's' on the Dunluce Course at Royal Portrush Golf Club. Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images